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How dust can negatively affect your health?

Dust is a common air pollutant that can be widely categorized into several others. A pollutant is a substance introduced to the atmosphere and has a negative or unwanted effect. Dust may come from rock, sand, natural erosion of soil and pollens are also parts of dust in the atmosphere. Dust particles are of different sizes including visible and invisible dust particles. Smaller dust particles stay longer in the air....

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Airborne allergies common in the autumn

Blossoms of summer are fading and autumn has started. Seasonal allergies are common but most common allergies are autumn allergies. All allergy triggers are unique but autumn can be tricky for allergic people. When it comes to seasonal allergies, most people think about the autumn pollen explosion. Inhalant allergens when inhaled by sensitive people can trigger allergy symptoms. Inhalant allergens come in 2 types depending on their persistence, which are....

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“Since it was set up, over two months ago, I haven‘t been experiencing any of those asthmatic symptoms, and I haven‘t had to use my inhaler at all."

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"Wow! What a difference! My cats asthmatic episodes has significantiy decreased! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

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“I am so pleased with the cleaner air in our home and more than anything, the peace of mind this unit gives, knowing we're doing all we can to keep our bodies healthy."

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Second Hand Smoke Health Risk segment on Rachel Ray

Great segment today on Rachel Ray about the health risks of second hand smoke. There are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. The toxic pollutants from tobacco smoke stay airborne for hours after the visible smoke has disappeared. So even though most smokers have their cigarette in a designated smoking area, these toxic airborne chemicals travel. Have you ever smelled a smoke aroma on someone that walks past you?....

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